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It’s important to attend your dental checkup every six months. This is because it’s vital for a strong and healthy smile. Without it, your teeth, gums, and oral health can be vulnerable to many dental issues. Fortunately, your dental checkup involves everything you need to maintain the top-notch smile you deserve. Some of the services our dentist, Dr. Macon Sapp, and dental team provide include:

-Diagnostic services: These services include reviewing and updating your medical history; examining your teeth and gums; checking your biting, chewing, and swallowing patterns; taking dental X-rays to further examine your mouth; providing an oral cancer examination and screening.

-Preventive services: These services include the removal of harmful substances, like plaque and tartar from your teeth and gumline; removing stains on your teeth; applying fluoride to your smile to strengthen it; protecting the teeth with sealants (if necessary); polishing the teeth, fillings, and crowns; deeply cleaning your entire mouth; and cleaning as well as adjusting dentures.

-Educational services: These services include instructing you how to properly brush and floss, counseling you about nutrition, recommending further treatment (like when to return for your next checkup or how to restore your smile), evaluating the effectiveness of your self-care and helping you improve, and counseling you on tobacco cessation.

So, if you are due for your next dental checkup, please contact Durham Dentistry at 919-489-9171 and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. We also encourage you to contact our dental team if you have any questions or if you would like to know more about dental checkups in Durham, North Carolina. We will be more than happy to give you the information you seek!