Root Canal Therapy in Durham, NC
Root canal therapy, also known as endodontic therapy, is a dental treatment used to restore the health of a tooth that is affected by infection in the dental pulp. Infection in the dental pulp can cause severe tooth pain, extreme tooth sensitivity, and swelling in the nearby gums. To restore the function and health of the tooth, your gentle dentists at, Durham Dentistry, will remove the infected dental pulp and fill in the tooth. A dental crown is often required to effectively seal and protect the tooth following root canal therapy. The dental crown also improves the function and structure of the tooth. Dr. Macon Sapp, Dr. Baxter Sapp, and our dental team are committed to ensuring that your dental treatment is comfortable and painless. For more information on root canal therapy, we welcome you to contact our Durham, North Carolina dental office soon. You can reach us at 919-489-9171.