Denture in Durham, NC

If you are missing many or all of your teeth, you are likely to have noticed a decline in the function and appearance of your smile. We provide full, partial, and overdentures at Durham Dentistry to help you reclaim your smile and your life. These different types of dentures serve different purposes; our experienced dentists can help you determine which type of denture best fits your personal dental needs.

-Full dentures are used when all of the natural teeth are missing in the upper jaw, the lower jaw, or both. Full dentures replace a full arc of teeth.

-Partial dentures are used when multiple teeth are missing, but some natural teeth remain. Partial dentures attach to the remaining teeth with metal clasps or precision attachments.
-Overdentures are secured to your jaw by being placed over dental implants or a few remaining teeth that have been prepared to anchor the dentures.

Full, partial, and overdentures can improve your smile by restoring lost facial volume and improving your ability to chew, eat, and speak. With dentures, your smile will look complete again! We welcome you to contact our Durham, North Carolina dental office today to learn whether full, partial, or overdentures are right for your smile! Our number is 919-489-9171.