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I’ve been to dentists all over the country and Dr Macon Sapp and his fine staff really stand out as the best I’ve ever seen. They’ve worked on some costly “cosmetic” issues and some more basic things like root canals. First off,I don’t like the label “cosmetic” dentists- teeth are teeth and if they look good they should work well too. I got about 2 dozen crowns from Dr Sapp and his first concern through the whole long process was always to make sure they were comfortable and that they improved my bite and my life, not only my looks. Most recently Dr Sapp has treated me for a couple of painful emergencies. Both times I was seen immediately, without an appointment; and both times I received effective, diligent care- even when there was a waiting room full of folks up front. I’ve been the patient of celebrated dental school professors with fancy university chairs but I have never been treated by anyone who plainly cares as much about my welfare as Dr Sapp. Like Saint Paul wrote about charity, Dr Sapp is patient, Dr Sapp is kind, Dr Sapp vaunteth himself not; he just listens to you and works with you to identify your problems, to establish your goals and then he does everything he can do to help you reach them. And this man is really good- his office is well staffed and equipped and Dr Sapp is also a PA as well as a DDS, so my experience has been that he has a an edge over most dentists I’ve seen when it comes to choosing and admistering medications. Dr Sapp also tends to look at your mouth as part of a whole person: he doesn’t ever lose sight of that and he clearly shows in his treatment planning that the same approach won’t be appropriate in every case. I really can’t say enough good about this practice and want to be sure I share my high opinion of it with our community.
Frank S.  —Durham, NC

I have been a highly satisfied patient of Drs. Baxter & Macon Sapp since 1995, and cannot rave enough about their competency, professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile. In fact, the entire staff is first-rate in every way, making their patients feel welcome and cared for. The Sapps are more than superior dental technicians; they are essential health care providers, focusing their efforts on the proven link between one’s oral health and overall physical wellbeing. Their business practices are fair, and because they take such a personal interest in their patients, dental issues are carefully explained, allowing one to make well-informed choices.
There is nothing ‘fun’ about a trip to the dentist, but this is one practice that leaves you feeling glad you came with true peace-of-mind. Drs. Macon & Baxter Sapp are just extraordinary!
Mark T. Higgins  —Durham, NC

My Grandmother became a patient of Dr. Baxter Sapp while he was in the Private Diagnostic Clinic at Duke and remained under his care for the rest of her 98 years. My Father had been a member of the dental practice of both Dr. Baxter and Dr. Macon until his passing in 2009. My Mother continues as a patient of Dr. Macon, and even though I live in Myrtle Beach I return to the security of their excellent dental services, that they have provided our family over all these years.
Greg Everett  —Myrtle Beach, SC

I have lived in many large cities and different states during my lifetime and I have not found a better dentist than Dr. Baxter Sapp. He helped me through a dental ordeal when no other dentist could. My problems begun when our new dentist in a medium sized city said he could help my migraines with an adjustment to my bite. I thought it would be alright because the adjustment was supposed to be minimal. That began approximately six months of nearly constant and excruciating pain. I exhausted the local dentists and specialists and no one could help me. I even spent a week with my old dentist in Atlanta, but he was not able to help. From sheer desperation, my husband searched the internet for another dentist specializing in TMJ and came across Dr. Baxter Sapp’s name. Call it luck or divine intervention; we thank God for both Dr. Baxter Sapp and his Son Dr. Macon Sapp and their office staff for the care I have received since that time. Dr. Sapp quickly diagnosed my problem, stopped the pain meds and started me on a treatment program which brought about long lasting relief. I’ll never forget that week . He was leaving for a conference the same day I saw him or the next day, and he called from Chicago to see how I was feeling. Both Drs. Sapp truly care about their patients and their total well‐being. My husband and I drive 40 miles to come to their practice, and as long as we can drive, we will be here.
Brenda Livers

My first dental appointment with Dr. Sapp was in the early 70’s which I have never forgotten. That day changed the whole way I felt about teeth. Dr. Sapp in his gentle way became the ultimate master on how my teeth could be.
The dental work that he did was phenomenal, he gave me beautiful and perfect teeth and it was done so graciously, smoothly and completely correct. I always knew that when your work was completed, my mouth would have perfectly fitted teeth that would have a natural look and feel as though they grew there.

Dr. Sapp is ever so gentle and patient and he completely changed all of my teeth problems from decaying painful teeth to a mouth with perfect alignment, cavity free beautiful teeth. Dr. Sapp gave me a perfection that I could never have envisioned nor even imagined.

Truly, Dr. Sapp is the ultimate master of how teeth can be gently guided to perfection.
Sincerely and most gratefully,
Ann Bell