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Stains on your tooth enamel can have a serious impact on your quality of life by hampering your self-confidence. Rather than live with the embarrassment of a dull, yellow smile, many people will contact H.T. Macon Sapp, DDS to schedule a whitening consultation.

The training and experience that Dr. Macon Sapp has received can help you wade through the hyperbolic marketing claims that beautify most retail-grade whitening products. For a smile afflicted with moderate to severe stains, he will likely recommend a dental bleaching treatment.

During this cosmetic treatment, Dr. Macon Sapp will use professional techniques and potent whitening agents to eradicate stains from your smile. Then, he can help you find safe and effective ways to maintain your white smile between regular dental cleanings.

Wearing whitening strips is a convenient way to remove minor stains on your teeth as you go about your day. You simply apply them to your teeth and they will whiten minor stains without being noticeable to the casual observer.

Whitening strips are essentially a clear sheet of plastic that has been treated with a topical form of hydrogen peroxide. You will need to avoid drinking, eating, and using tobacco while the strips are in your mouth.

When you’re shopping for whitening strips, you should always look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This logo can only be printed on oral hygiene products that have met the ADA’s rigorous guidelines for safe and effective use.

If you have stained teeth in your smile, you should call 919-489-9171 to schedule a whitening consultation at H.T. Macon Sapp, DDS.