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Thanksgiving is a great time to eat delicious food and spend time with loved ones. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, Thanksgiving isn’t the greatest time for the smile. In fact, there tooth-harming foods that can hurt your teeth and even affect your oral health. The good news is that if you avoid the tooth-harming foods and eat more of the tooth-healthy foods, you can be on the right track toward a top-notch Thanksgiving smile. To help you, our dentist, Dr. Macon Sapp, is happy to list the tooth-healthy Thanksgiving foods.

The first Thanksgiving food you should load on your plate is turkey. Turkey is a tooth-friendly food because it’s packed with protein. Protein can help build strong teeth and gums. So, feel free to gobble turkey up because it’s the Thanksgiving all-star! Just make sure to keep a toothpick or floss nearby. The turkey might get stuck between your teeth.

The second Thanksgiving food you should load on your plate are yams. Yams are high in Vitamins A and C, which help you have top-notch gums. So, don’t be afraid to eat all the yams you want. However, before you do so, be sure that they’re not candied. If they are candied (covered in sugar), they can be harmful for the teeth.

The third Thanksgiving food you should load on your plate are dairy products. Dairy products, like cheese, are packed with calcium, which is a great mineral that strengthens your bones (which means it strengthens your teeth). So, don’t be afraid to load your plate with dairy products and fill your cup with milk!

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