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Did you know that various health disorders including colds and the flu can directly influence your oral health? For a better understanding of the basics of oral health care during cold and flu season, listed below are some important facts:

– Never brush your teeth immediately after being sick if you are vomiting, as your teeth are exposed to the harmful acids in your stomach and brushing will only make it worse.
– Drinking the right fluids can help treat colds and the flu, but for your oral health, you should always avoid drinks that contain sugar.
– If you use cough drops, always look for sugar-free versions, as sugars will continue to damage your tooth enamel.
– Should you be suffering from a cold or flu, it is still important to continue your daily oral health care routines including brushing and flossing.
– Never share or use some else’s toothbrush as your risk for colds and the flu will increase.
– Stay hydrated and avoid foods or medications that can lead to dry mouth symptoms.

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