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Did you know that you may routinely put your smile at risk for oral accidents and injuries if you are not taking adequate care to protect your teeth and gums at a later date? Several emergencies often arise due to unhealthy habits in your lifestyle. However, even if you are staying safe with your hygiene care and your lifestyle choices, oral emergencies can still occur. However, there are several options that you can follow through with before professional help can be given.

If you ever have chipped or cracked teeth, it is important to wash out the debris in your mouth using warm water. If bleeding occurs, make sure to place a piece of gauze on the area until bleeding stops. If a tooth is completely knocked out, you may need to save the tooth by placing it in a solution and visiting dentist as soon as possible so it could potentially be reinserted later.

If you have any object stuck between your teeth, it is important to never use sharp objects or any metal instruments that can damage your tooth enamel or gums. Instead, try using interdental cleaning tools such as dental floss to gently dislodge the object.

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