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Tooth decay that goes untreated will spread to surrounding teeth and eventually result in the loss of multiple teeth. An implant-supported dental bridge can effectively fill large gaps in your smile and restore the full function of your mouth.

The first step will be to gauge the structural integrity of your smile, and we may need to perform functions such as extracting tooth remnants, treating dental infection, and building bone structure with a bone graft.

Once our dentist has determined that your smile can support dental implants, we will begin the process of dental implant restoration. Placing the abutments is usually performed in a single appointment. Our dentists, Dr. Macon Sapp and Dr. Baxter Sapp accesses the underlying bone and secures the titanium implants into place. The biologically safe titanium will fuse with the bone tissue to form a permanent anchor. During this time, you will be under deep sedation, and you will need to arrange to be driven home at the end of the procedure.

Once the bone and implants have fused together, our dentist will secure a custom-made dental bridge to the implants to complete your new whole smile.

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