Loose Dentures Might Be Related to Oral Atrophy

Your natural teeth once had an integral relationship with the bone structure of your mouth. The daily act of biting, chewing, and grinding actively stimulated the bone tissues to maintain their structural integrity. When your compromised teeth were extracting in the process of replacing them with removable dentures, this relationship... Read more »

A Tooth with a Missing Dental Filling Might Need to Be Treated with a Dental Crown Restoration

Small areas of tooth decay and minor physical defects in a tooth’s enamel layer can often be repaired with a simple amalgam or composite dental filling. Once it has been bonded in place the newly repaired tooth will last for many years. If you struggle to maintain a consistent daily... Read more »

The Things That Wear Away Your Tooth Enamel

If you want strong and healthy teeth, then you need to keep dental issues at bay. One harmful dental issue is enamel erosion. This problem occurs when the outer shell of your teeth (the tooth enamel) gets worn away, which then exposes the underlying layers of the tooth. When this... Read more »

What is Involved in a Dental Checkup?

It’s important to attend your dental checkup every six months. This is because it’s vital for a strong and healthy smile. Without it, your teeth, gums, and oral health can be vulnerable to many dental issues. Fortunately, your dental checkup involves everything you need to maintain the top-notch smile you... Read more »

Toothpaste Can Help Clean and Strengthen Your Teeth

The American Dental Association recommends that you brush your teeth twice each day. Along with flossing at least once each, it forms the foundation of an effective and consistent daily oral hygiene routine. Applying a small amount of toothpaste to your soft-bristled toothbrush helps make it more effective for cleaning... Read more »

The Best Toothpaste for Your Child’s Smile

If you’re looking for the right toothpaste for your child, it’s important to look for certain characteristics and ingredients. That way you can be sure that your child is cleaning their smile with the proper and effective paste they need to have healthy and strong teeth. Fortunately, our dentist, Dr.... Read more »

Back-to-School Snacks for Kids

We all want our child’s teeth to be healthy and strong. It’s important to remember that health starts with what we eat! Here are some kid-approved mouth healthy snacks for healthy smiles. Fruit: Fruit is a great way to add natural sweetness to a child’s diet! Fruits contain fiber, which... Read more »

A Missing Premolar Can Affect Your Mouth in Several Ways

Your premolars exist in the area between your front teeth and the molars in the back of your mouth. These important teeth play a wide range of roles. They help to bite off hard and tough foods while also aiding molars in chewing and grinding. When a premolar is lost... Read more »

Make the Most of Your Oral Health Care Cleaning Products

Did you know that you should replace your oral cleaning tools every few months to prevent contamination and wear from minimizing the effect of your cleanings? Replacing your toothbrush when needed is required to ensure you continue to get the proper cleaning each day for your oral health care. Make... Read more »

TMJ Disorder Treatment Often Starts with Minor Lifestyle Changes

TMJ disorder is often used to describe chronic discomfort, pain, or dysfunction in the temporomandibular joints that hinge your jaw. Common symptoms include discomfort or a dull ache in front of the ears or temple. This might also be accompanied by a clicking sensation in the joint or discomfort when... Read more »