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We all want our child’s teeth to be healthy and strong. It’s important to remember that health starts with what we eat! Here are some kid-approved mouth healthy snacks for healthy smiles.

Fruit: Fruit is a great way to add natural sweetness to a child’s diet! Fruits contain fiber, which help balance out the sugars they contain. Crunchy fruits, like apples or pears, are especially helpful to teeth, as they help scrape away plaque and food debris from teeth. They are like natural toothbrushes! Be careful with acidic fruits, as the prolonged acid exposure can be damaging to teeth. If you choose to give you child acidic fruit, pair it with large glass of water to help gently wash away acid from teeth.

Cheese: Cheese is an excellent, calcium-and-protein-packed snack for kids. Try a tasty string cheese after school for a great pick-me-up. Additionally, cheese is low-sugar, which is great for teeth. If your child is particularly hungry, try pairing the cheese with a piece of fruit such as an apple. For an adventurous child, try goat cheese. It has even more calcium and protein per serving, and fewer calories.

Orange Juice with Calcium: Did you know that frozen orange juice concentrate fortified with calcium contains 1514 mg of calcium per cup? That is an entire day’s worth of calcium in just one glass! Be careful with orange juice, as it has a lot of natural sugars and acids. Remember to give your child plain water to drink afterward to help clean their mouth, and give them the OJ with a meal to help neutralize the acids.

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