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Are you aware of the risks associated with root canals? Root canal treatments are needed due to damage to a tooth that is caused by oral accidents or injuries, repeated dental procedures, deep cavities, or other forms of microscopic damage. If for any reason you have suffered damage to a tooth, the inner workings of a tooth are exposed, or pulp damage has occurred, root canal therapy may be needed.

If your pulp is infected, it may need to be removed in order to save the tooth. In many cases, pulp infection arises due to poor oral hygiene. However, accidents do arise and if you should suffer blunt trauma to your mouth, visit our dentists to determine if any fractures have occurred down to your tooth’s root.

Another common risk factor associated with tooth death is via repeated dental procedures that may slowly wear down your tooth enamel over time. If you find your tooth enamel being vulnerable to pulp infection, a root canal may be required. Furthermore, any microscopic damage can leave your teeth susceptible to pulp death.

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