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If a tooth is severely damaged or decayed to the point where your dentist can’t save it with a root canal, he might need to extract the tooth. Once your gums have completely healed following the extraction, your dentist can start the process of replacing the tooth with a dental bridge.

For all intents and purposes, this is a single piece of dental work that is fused to a pair of crowns on each end. It will eventually be anchored in your mouth by abutments that are formed from the core of the two closest teeth.

Your dentist will form the abutments by removing all of the tooth enamel from each tooth. Then, he will cast an impression of the area, including the corresponding teeth in your bite. This will be sent to a special dental lab where your final bridge will be produced. Then, he will cement temporary crowns over each abutment to protect it.

Your dentist will call you in for a brief second appointment when your bridge is ready. The temporary crowns will be removed and the bridge will be cemented in place onto the abutments during this appointment.

If you have a severely decayed, damaged or previously extracted tooth, you should call Durham Dentistry at 919-489-9171 to see if you’re a good candidate for a dental bridge in Durham, North Carolina.