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Your premolars exist in the area between your front teeth and the molars in the back of your mouth. These important teeth play a wide range of roles. They help to bite off hard and tough foods while also aiding molars in chewing and grinding.

When a premolar is lost to an untreated cavity or severe dental trauma, it can hamper your overall oral function. It could also influence the clarity of your speech and change the appearance of your smile.

In time the structural void left by the missing premolar can also cause the surrounding teeth to gradually drift out of alignment. This could leave you increasingly susceptible to problems with dental attrition and dental fractures on the corresponding teeth in your bite pattern. In many cases the most effective method for restoring a missing premolar is to have dental implant restoration performed at Dr. Macon Sapp’s clinic.

To do this, Dr. Macon Sapp will need to drill a small channel into the underlying bone structure. Then a titanium dental implant will be screwed into place. It will eventually fuse to the surrounding bone tissues to replicate the strength of the original premolar. Once this occurs Dr. Macon Sapp can start the process of preparing an abutment and securing a dental crown.

If you live in the Durham, North Carolina, area and you’ve lost a premolar, you should call 919-489-9171 to set up a restoration consultation at H.T. Macon Sapp, DDS.